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Books and Articles
  • Advance Care Planning Overview >
  • Provides more detailed instruction on choosing your Patient Advocate(s) role, how/when the role goes into effect, and review/storage options.
  • Advance Directive >
  • (A.K.A. Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare): Legal document to name your Patient Advocate(s) and gives express permission to the Advocate to follow your goals of care (including starting, not starting, or stopping life support treatment). Pages A1-9
  • Treatment Preferences >
  • Used for well adults (18+) and those with stable chronic illness, this form describes care goals for those with acute neurologic illness/injury; gives general preferences regarding CPR (it is NOT a DNR form!). Pages B1-2
  • Wallet Card >
  • Complete and place behind Michigan driver’s license/ID card to notify EMS of your Patient Advocate name and AD location.
  • Release Form >

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