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Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

  • What is advance care planning?
  • What is an Advance Directive (AD)?
  • How is an Advance Directive different from a Living Will?
  • Why should I complete an AD?
  • Why should I have a “facilitated” conversation? I can do it myself with a free advance directive document from the internet.
  • Is my AD legal if I don’t use an attorney?
  • Must I have my AD notarized?
  • What is a patient advocate?
  • Is a Patient Advocate Designation the same as a durable power of attorney?
  • What should I do with my AD once it is completed?
  • How do I use the AD?
  • What happens if I change my mind about my decisions?
  • I like to travel. Will my Michigan AD be honored in other states?
  • How much does a facilitated conversation cost?
  • How long does a facilitated conversation take?
  • How can I schedule a facilitated conversation?
  • You haven’t answered all of my questions. How do I get more information?

Steering Committee

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