"I chose to do my advanced directive at age 33 because when I worked in a hospital, I saw families having to make really difficult decisions while dealing with crisis and tragedy." - AC

No one can predict when a sudden illness or accident may occur, leaving a person unable to make personal healthcare decisions. When you cannot speak for yourself, the health system’s default is to provide every treatment available to extend life. Advance Care Planning makes your personal healthcare preferences known. When your wishes for care are known in advance and are honored, family members experience significantly less anxiety, stress and depression. So, making your healthcare choices known now is a free gift to your decision-maker(s) and family.

Making Choices Michigan (MCM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, community collaborative that provides FREE Advance Care Planning to West Michigan residents. MCM’s First Steps® certified facilitators meet with you to help identify personal, basic goals for life-sustaining treatment if you should suffer a severe, neurologic illness and are unlikely to recover. The First Steps® facilitator can also help you recognize qualities that are important in an effective Patient Advocate. Your facilitator will meet with you and your selected Patient Advocate to discuss your preferences for care. Finally, your facilitator will assist you in documenting your preferences for care in the Advance Directive (AD) and discuss options for document storage and retrieval. Making Choices Michigan recommends that you share your AD document with your loved ones, healthcare provider, hospital(s) and Great Lakes Health Connect.

Age is not the defining factor here. Any adult should take the time to think about these issues, discuss them with family and loved ones, make decisions, and document it. MCM was created to facilitate that process. - John B

People are sharing...

I want to thank you both for making this (Advance Care Planning) happen for me. The experience really helped me think through some of my wishes. It gave me some specifics to talk about with my children so that they will understand me and my needs better. They will be surprised that I would like to be in residential hospice if that is necessary. I feel more at peace about the future, even though I probably will never wrap my mind around not “being!”
— Judy

Quote from member of audience of I'm Dying to Talk with You - "I just realized my patient advocate died 5 years ago!"  Just one more reason why one should periodically check Advance Directives.
— Dave K with Amazing Circles

"The Facilitator’s expertise and kind demeanor made this process simple and effective. It also provided a sense of comfort to know that these questions have been addressed and the answers documented."
— B D

"Making an Advance Directive is the responsible thing for an adult to do. Do this when you are healthy and can make your wishes known. An Advance Directive is a gift to the survivors. It's the last gift you can give them."
— C V