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Interested in Facilitating Advance Care Planning Discussions?
First Steps® Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the foundation for weaving ACP discussions into a routine of good patient care and preventive healthcare for all adults. When integrated in the outpatient or community setting, and early in the course of healthcare, First Steps discussions help to normalize the concept of planning, and orient individuals to the importance of regular review and update of written plans.

Making Choices Michigan conducts periodic training sessions for First Steps ACP Facilitator certification.  If you are interested in becoming a First Steps ACP Facilitator individually, or on behalf of your organization, please complete the contact form below so we can inform you when the next session is planned to occur.


Please complete the information below, and we will contact you about upcoming First Steps ACP Facilitator Training.

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People are sharing...

I want to thank you both for making this (Advance Care Planning) happen for me. The experience really helped me think through some of my wishes. It gave me some specifics to talk about with my children so that they will understand me and my needs better. They will be surprised that I would like to be in residential hospice if that is necessary. I feel more at peace about the future, even though I probably will never wrap my mind around not “being!”
                                                                                  — Judy

Quote from member of audience of I'm Dying to Talk with You - "I just realized my patient advocate died 5 years ago!"  Just one more reason why one should periodically check Advance Directives.  
                                                                                 — Dave K with Amazing Circles

"The Facilitator’s expertise and kind demeanor made this process simple and effective. It also provided a sense of comfort to know that these questions have been addressed and the answers documented."
                                                                                 — B D

"Making an Advance Directive is the responsible thing for an adult to do. Do this when you are healthy and can make your wishes known. An Advance Directive is a gift to the survivors. It's the last gift you can give them."
                                                                                 — C V


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